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Our Instructors

The World Team USA staff goes beyond the mundane, whether it is in the studio or in the community. We make ourselves people to remember – not by being tough or obnoxious – but by leaving a good first impression and a lasting favorable impression to students and everyone we meet. We believe that in order to service our students properly, all instructors must totally commit to the martial arts.

The staff at World Team USA is passionately dedicated to taking the benefits of Muay Thai training into the 21st Century and embraces teamwork first and foremost.

To guarantee that our students receive up-to-date instruction, our instructors attend professional training on a regular basis. We recognize the difference between those who train themselves and those who can train others. The ability to pass on the knowledge and cultivate proficiency in Muay Thai is a skill we regularly sharpen. Thus, all of our instructors can effectively communicate the dynamics of the art and its applications – a skill that is becoming increasingly rare in the martial arts industry.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor
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